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One month to Extra Life Game Day 2018!

One month to go! We are excited about Game Day on November 3rd. This 24 hour gaming marathon is how Gamers continue to do good for the kids at Penn State Children’s Hospital. Every Extra Life gamer activates their network of family and friends to donate money as they play. Board games, card games, video games and computer games are all welcome! This year Play N trade in  Camp Hill will host our marathon once again. We will provide food and you provide the hope for the 100,000 kids that are treated every year at Penn State Children’s Hospital.  Your challenge today if you choose to accept it: share this invite with 3 friends. If we can each get 3 friends to come and game with us we can reach our goal of raising $50,000 for Penn State Children’s Hospital.

While recovering from brain surgery at Penn State Children’s Hospital Miracle Kid Christopher needed to get up an out of bed to help him recover faster. The hospital Child Life team used the gaming room in the hospital to help him get up and out of bed and recover faster. Video games helped him heal and he will there at our game day marathon to cheer you on as your game for good.  Let’s all do it for kids like Christopher!