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Children’s Miracle Network Hershey: March Volunteer Spotlight

Each year outstanding members of the Central Pennsylvania community come together to volunteer for Children’s Miracle Network at Penn State Children’s Hospital.  This month we are kicking off our Volunteer Spotlight series by highlighting a volunteer who has given of their time and talent to both the People’s Pay 4 Play and our Extra Life gaming marathon. The People’s Pay 4 Play is a 28-hour radio marathon hosted by Nipsey, Jennifer Shade and Earl David Reed from the People’s Morning Show  on 105.7 The X to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network at Penn State Children’s Hospital. During the event, listeners can call in to request songs in exchange for donations.

Extra Life is another Children’s Miracle Network event that unites thousands of gamers around the world to play games in support of their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. These gamers play for 24 straight hours to raise money for kids in need at Penn State Children’s Hospital. Our first profile is on Dave Chobanoff, Extra Life gamer, Pay 4 Play listener and volunteer extraordinaire.

Dave Chobanoff ( left) with Miracle Child Gavin.

What is an interesting fact about yourself: 

I have an alter-ego – I am Pa Dave, as referred to on 105.7’s The People Morning Show, and have been an active listener with the show since almost the inception. I also run the Unofficial Facebook Page for them.

What made you interested in helping Extra Life/Children’s Miracle Network? 

A friend of mine knew my hobby was video gaming, and 6 years ago he asked if I would be interested in participating in the Extra Life community. I had previously always contributed in a small way with the 105.7 Pay 4 Play by donating money and thought that by doing the marathon I could make a bigger impact and feel more involved with Penn State Children’s Hospital.

Why did you decide to volunteer for Pay 4 Play 2018?

I had always listened to Pay 4 Play, and I have been part of the Extra Life marathon. I had always heard Miracle Child Gavin’s story year after year, and it touched my heart EVERY YEAR. His story just shows that something can happen to ANYONE. So I reached out this year and they needed help. It was great being part of the event in person and seeing the Miracle Children coming in, and it helped put everything in perspective.

What makes Children’s Miracle Network so important?

The fact that all the funds stay local, I think not many people realize that, and also the fact that everything CMN puts on is fun and entertaining , and for the kids.

What are the overall goals you hope to reach with Extra Life 2019?

In 2018 I reached my goal and will be getting my second Gold medal. I reached a goal of $2,000, and I managed to stay awake the entire 25 hours. Every year I tend gather many people around me, and its been growing. It started with me in my living room 6 years ago, then I had a couple buddies join me. For 2019 my goal is to raise $2,500. I hope to start an event for people to come to the “east shore” this year. I hope to spread the word and expand my small group of friends.

What is your favorite Children’s Miracle Network memory?

My favorite memory was from this past Pay 4 Play of finally meeting Miracle Child Gavin. He was the whole inspiration for me contributing my time and donations to Children’s Miracle Network

What is your favorite Hershey candy?

I really enjoy the Peanut Butter Cup, I do enjoy Mr Goodbar’s as well.

If you could be any Gaming character, which one would you be and why?

I would be Nathan Drake, he has all these great adventures and is kinda sarcastic.

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