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Inspired by Miracles, Meet Caden!

Caden means fighting spirit in Gaelic–a perfect name for a boy who has been facing challenges since before he was even born.

Diagnosed with Down syndrome and 16 other ailments, Caden has taken anywhere from one to nine medicines daily since birth. His journey has involved multiple specialists from nearly every area of Penn State Children’s Hospital. Despite countless visits, his spirit never wavers.

Through his love of music, dancing and superheroes, Caden does everything he can to bring joy to others. While Caden’s capacity for speech is limited, he uses short phrases and American Sign Language to communicate with others. He relates so well with his classroom peers that they often seek help with his special talent — video games!

Caden was selected to serve as the 2015-16 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champion for Pennsylvania. He and his parents, Frank and Jessica, traveled to Washington, D.C. and Orlando to serve as ambassadors for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Children’s Miracle Network provides funding for research, equipment, and patient programs like Child Life, which has supported Caden’s developmental, educational and therapeutic needs as he grows.


This year Caden was a champion for our Extra Life Game Day 2018. He played and gamed with our Extra Life Guild and played Smash Brothers for the first time! We are glad to have Caden as part of our team that is gaming for good.