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In 2018 volunteers like YOU helped make miracles!

In 2018 you made a difference to kids like Ramiah.

Last week Ramiah went home for the first time ever. She was born with a rare developmental abnormality which meant she was born without a trachea, or windpipe. On January 30th was able to go home thanks to the unique care and groundbreaking procedures she underwent at Penn State Children’s Hospital.

Our volunteers for Children’s Miracle Network have become a part of our family. In 2018 you gave over 2,000 hours of service to help the children at Penn State Children’s Hospital. From getting up at 5am to run the phone bank at Telethon, to giving up an afternoon to teach a child to ride a bike at I Can Shine summer camp, you have gone above and beyond. We could not do what we do, without you. Last year we raised 4.5 Million dollars for Penn State Children’s Hospital. Every dollar we raised would not have been possible without your support.

In 2019 we have 3 goals:

  1. Raise funds for the kids at Penn State Children’s Hospital
  2. Grow our network of people who love and support our Miracle Families
  3. Get to know our volunteers, better

Each month we will highlight one of our volunteers here on our CMN Blog. If you’d like to be featured, please fill out our volunteer questionnaire.

Interested in volunteering with us this year? Please fill out our 2019 volunteer survey. If you know of a friend of family member who would be interested in engaging with Children’s Miracle Network please respond here. Stay informed about upcoming events by visiting our website.

Thank you for being a part of the our network that helps provide miracles to children at Penn State Children’s Hospital!