Help us buy CPR training kits for local schools!

We’re asking you for help.

We want to train the next generation of superheroes. Your gift will help purchase CPR training kits for local schools to help students and teachers learn techniques that can save kids’ lives!

Our goal is to buy 10 kits this month. Each kit is $650. But no matter what amount you give, every gift will help us buy a kit. Donate today!


Why do we need CPR kits in schools?

Vigorous exercise during athletic practices and games can trigger sudden cardiac arrest.

There are 360,000 sudden cardiac arrest cases each year outside of the hospital and nearly 90% of those victims will die. If bystander CPR is performed quickly, chances of survival may double or even triple!

Even the best EMS Systems can’t reach victims for 3-5 minutes. Without help, survival rates drop 10% per minute.

Together, we can create the next generation of superheroes and help kids save kids’ lives. Thank you!

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