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Meet Extra Life Guild Member Ben!

Without our Extra Life Guild we would not be able to continue sharing the message of Gaming for the kids. We would like to introduce you to Extra Life Hershey Guild member Ben. In his role he helps us plan and execute our strategy for the entire Extra Life Hershey team.

Name: Ben

How did you get involved in Extra Life?

I was contacted through 105.7 The X, a local radio station. The CMN rep who worked with the station reached out to them looking for gamers who’d be interested in drumming up interest in the area. Fast forward to a year later and Doc from Extra Life had flown out to officially kick off the Guild.

3 favorite games: Enter The Gungeon (PC), Devil May Cry (PS2) and Super Smash Bros Melee (Game Cube).

His favorite part of being an extra lifer:

Meeting the Miracle Kids who benefit from the many wonderful programs that Children’s Miracle Network heads and seeing the wonders that the hospital has done for them. Bonus points for when I get to play games with them and see them light up when they have fun!

All of the members in the guild are friendly and enjoy a wide range of games and genres of movies, music and entertainment! Look us up on Facebook or contact us through the Extra Life discussion boards! Extra Life is about having fun and making a difference FOR THE KIDS. Check out his Extra Life Page!